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Objective: Satisfaction

Our aim is to assure a total independence to our clients for all that regards software and raw materials. For our clients this means a reduction of costs, and a better output, insuring at the same time the widest safety. That is why ™-1-Computer is based on the technological choice of the world Open Source. For example: the pair WGL (W3c, Gnu, Linux) achieves the result that enterprises find benefits in the evolution of financial logic under control and not exponential. We also work with different enterprises, as also with sellers of informatics. It is in this optics that ™-1-Computer does not consider the other companies as competitors, but as partners.. We are present in projects under a forfait form, or under a directional form. Our advisors shall listen to you in order to advise you and go along with you all the way. In our projects we use all our competence and put our professional training to your disposal.

Introduction: As Swiss leaders for all new technologies regarding the creation of dynamic web pages according to the W3C directives, we realize Internet sites and dynamic intranet, and E Commerce with secure database. We also provide professional training to WebMaster for large groups directly inside enterprises.

Please Note: World Web Valildation More than 99,9 % of internet sites in the whole world do not respect the W3C rules. Great part of these sites are created by :

Our expertis provide: