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One works! 1Work, we pronounce it "One Work". As a Swiss leader concerning new technologies for the creation of the dynamic Web pages according to directives' W3C we have creates Word of the Web 1Work. Our team of developement a creates a new modern and revolutionary data-processing software by its design as well as facility of use. Based on a leading-edge technology with 1Work you will be ensured of the continuation of your documents. 1Work is a modern tool for management of contents mutli-system CMS. The use of this modern tool does not require particular competences. The use of this modern tool does not require the knowledge of semanticsEnsemble relations between the characters, or groups of characters, and their significance, independently in the way of employing them or of interpreting them XHTML1.1.Concerning the cognitiveQualify the cognitive processes by which an organization acquires information on the environment and works out them to regulate its behavior: perception, formation of concepts, reasoning, language, decision, thought aspects our TEAM of formation is at your disposal. The use of 1Work does not require particulary hardware or software, does not require any material 1Work : that it is about internal or external communication, you can exchange richer contents, more complete, more attractive. Report of assemblies, synthesis of meetings, internal newspaper, presentation of projects, management report, catalogues products (food, machines, watches, real estate, etc): as many documents which can be creates by 1Work. Thanks to our revolutionary software 1Work allows you:

Presentation: 1work

The use of the program 1Work follows the same process as traitment of ordinary texts, only the design is to be taken into account. This is why we place at the disposal our tool of design 1Work to leave more freedom to you to the realistation of the contents. 1Work represente a new generation of data-processing software. It is an easy tool with maitriser which will bring the good solutions to you.

Advantage: World Web Valildation Level Triple-A conformance icon, W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

Thanks to a great number of model prefabricated and easily modifiable you can profit from a personalized style. Impossible to circumvent for all the spheres of activity related on multi-media, but also to the whole of the sectors touching with creation (architecture, photography, design, mode...), the power of the software 1Work combined with cd-card ' dope' also the technological performance as well as the public image of your company. The use of bonds contained on cd-card leading then towards your on-line contents makes it possible to generate a traffic targeted, qualified and thus easier with fidelity. Other technical advantages and information: